Planning and Preparation

I’m a big advocate of advanced planning and preparation for any adventure. As we near the departure date for our journey, we’ve been busy identifying all the various things that need to be done and tracking them to completion. While we still have readily available internet access, we’ve been using Trello ( to manage our to do lists and tasks from idea to done. It’s been super helpful, but we know once we cast off, our internet access will become intermittent so we will need to use a different solution. I’ll delve into this topic a little later. For now, its much more important to focus on the work that needs to be done prior to our departure.

Going aloft... just another day in sailboat maintenance and preparation.

Marine systems readiness and crew readiness are top of the list. I have been spending the last several weeks inspecting Epiphany from bow to stern to check all systems, ID and address any issues, and ensure that we have what we need to maintain systems once we are offshore. I quickly realized that even though (I thought) I’d been careful to maintain the various systems of Epiphany over time, when I really started to dig in, I found numerous things that needed to be addressed. Some things bigger than others, and a few that decided to follow Murphy’s Law and pop up at the last minute. No worries! It’s always better to have issues emerge at the last minute while you are still at the dock, than after departure when you are offshore somewhere… As an engineer, I’ve always been amazed at the creativity of inanimate objects when it comes to finding the most obscure way to fail. The universe has a sense of humor… sometimes a dark sense of humor, but humor none the less. Fortunately, I enjoy solving problems and fixing things. I am sure that part of my adventure, enlightenment, and growth during our voyages will come from finding solutions for the surprises that the universe will present to us.

While I focus on making mechanical things work, Suzanne has more focus on the human side of the equation. She is preparing us from the mind, body, spirit perspective and putting together our plan for health, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. 

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