The Big Decision

When we conceptualized our voyage, we always planned for it to be somewhat open ended and expected the routes and destinations to emerge as we progressed. We did set a few markers to provide a framework for at least the initial legs of the journey. We decided to join in the Baja Ha-Ha so we could learn from the collective experience of the fleet and have some timeframes to drive us. That worked out really well and got us into the cruising groove pretty smoothly. After the Ha-Ha, we continued on to La Paz, as did several others from the fleet. La Paz was fun and more educational. While we were there, Life reared its ugly head and threw us a few complications that almost put the entire voyage in jeopardy. Thankfully, we were able to deal with the issues and continue the adventure. 

So, now we’ve sailed on to Puerto Vallarta, la Cruz, and down to Barra De Navidad. The experience continues to be fantastic but now the question has arisen, where from here? Do we hang out around the Sea of Cortez for the summer? Do we join the Pacific Puddle Jump and head to the South Pacific? Do we head south to Panama and cross over to the Caribbean? Each option has it’s own level of attraction… 

We need to stay close to Puerto Vallarta for a few weeks so that we can take care of a few lingering items in the States that require both of us to make trips back. We should have those items addressed by the end of April, but that effectively prevents us from sailing to the South Pacific this year. Our current plan has evolved into sailing back into the Sea of Cortez for the summer so we can explore the many islands and areas that we haven’t seen yet. After the summer, we will head south and decide to go to the Caribbean or to the South Pacific after the storm season has passed. 

We are excited to spend some time exploring the Sea of Cortez and getting in some great scuba diving and fishing. Stay tuned for more updates as we knock out our state-side obligations and head out for the Sea!

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