Casting Off!

We checked out of Mexico today.  We were one of the first to arrive at the port captain, knowing there would be a long cue of puddle jumpers wanting to go through the process today.  We were right!  It’s quite a process of back forth treks from the port captain to immigration, back again and… Continue reading Casting Off!

The Big Decision

When we conceptualized our voyage, we always planned for it to be somewhat open ended and expected the routes and destinations to emerge as we progressed. We did set a few markers to provide a framework for at least the initial legs of the journey. We decided to join in the Baja Ha-Ha so we… Continue reading The Big Decision

On Our Way!

After many months of anticipation and preparation, we finally cast off the dock lines and headed south! We departed Berkeley on Thursday October 6. We had originally planned to depart on October 1, but we decided to hold fast a few days for a better weather window and to wrap up some lingering items on… Continue reading On Our Way!

Planning and Preparation

I’m a big advocate of advanced planning and preparation for any adventure. As we near the departure date for our journey, we’ve been busy identifying all the various things that need to be done and tracking them to completion. While we still have readily available internet access, we’ve been using Trello ( to manage our… Continue reading Planning and Preparation